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Dec 30, 2006

A recent comment about my podcast, which I much appreciated, said that I had given someone a new perspective on old ideas.  This person got the point!

How many new ideas have there been?  How much of what we are looking at in spirituality is so ancient that it is beyond ancient?  How much is so ancient...

Dec 23, 2006

If you choose to believe what certain Christians are claiming, there's a war on - and it's a war against Christmas!

There's a group that wants to boycott stores where employees wish customers "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas".  And there are those who are up-in-arms because some holiday displays are...

Dec 16, 2006

If you are in need and someone says that they'll pray for you, how do you feel?  In some cases, you feel strengthened.  In other cases, it can be a let-down.  Consider the following words written by someone a few years ago:

"For I was hungry and you said you'd pray for me.  I would have rather had a sandwich.

For I was...

Dec 9, 2006

It's Happening!

Remember my very first podcast, when I asked the very basic question of why we can't all get along?  I see an improvement in that situation.

The one who seems to be leading the charge is someone who was once expected to be a sitck-in-the-mud!  But, rather than that, someone of major significance to all...

Dec 2, 2006

So many times, I've heard the same complaint about Pagan and Wiccan books: so many primers, not enough of the "advanced stuff".

Then again, what is the "advanced stuff"?  And what is in something that is advanced which would not be found in a primer?

Or is the difference simply the subject matter being dealt with and...