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Aug 26, 2006

We've all heard of miracles, especially religious miracles. 

Some of us have experienced them, others of us want to experience some, and still others wish that they could. 

We've heard of those who have visions, those who are told things, and those who are healed when even the most expensive doctors have given up.  How...

Aug 19, 2006

I've made much emphasis on the Priesthood of the individual, and how much can be done by one Priestess or Priest in the privacy of their own altar.  But that is not to degrade or belittle what can be accomplished in the rituals a Priest or Priestess might be called upon to do in a public or semi-public setting.

In that...

Aug 12, 2006

Every faith teaches something about forgivness.  The problem is, it can be hard to do.  Face it, some people and groups of people make anyone feel like there's an absolute right to get mad.

There is a lot written on forgivness that sounds like it must have been written by someone who hasn't had to forgive very much. ...

Aug 5, 2006

Stepping forward from the previous episode, let's see where we can go once we get past the obstructors.

I added "101" to the title because in a college catalogue, the 101 courses are the ones that are for beginners with no prerequisites or presumed knowledge of the subject.  Not that you haven't heard the terms before,...