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Aug 30, 2008

Most countries celebrate Labor Day, or have an equivalent holiday.  When it is celebrated depends on the country and its traditions.  In the United States, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September.

Labor Day is a secular holiday.  It is not a religious holiday, although some faiths hold services and...

Aug 23, 2008

Officer Paul Stephens of the San Marcos, Texas Police Department has been spending most of the past week experiencing the enforcement of a law more powerful than any law which he might be called upon to enforce.  He has been experiencing the enforcement of The Threefold Law.  The Threefold Law is one that most of us are...

Aug 16, 2008

Let me invite you to a web site which is full of some of the greatest information you'll find anywhere:  And on the front page, you'll find two of the most exciting! 

I'll leave "The Heiroglyphic Monad" for another time.  Right now, I'd like to talk about "The Severn Sermons Of The...

Aug 9, 2008

A Bible verse which some Christians hate?  How can that be?

Well, to begin with, it might well be the most well-corroborated verse in the Christians' entire Bible!  It's just about verbatim in three of the four gospels, and it makes reference back to the Old Testament.

If you read just a wee bit more than the single...

Aug 2, 2008

It's Lammas, and it's a time to celebrate the first harvest Sabbat!

We also need to give some honor to Danessa Smith, who crossed over on Monday due to complications from recent surgery.

For those who don't know who Danessa Smith is, she is Tempest Smith's mother.  Tempest Smith, as you know, died a few years ago by...