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Nov 29, 2008

In the United States, the fourth Thursday in November is the federal holiday known as Thanksgiving Day.  Many other countries have a thanksgiving day of some sort during the course of the year.  In the case of the US, it is claimed to commemorate a celebration had by the Plymouth Pilgrims to celebrate a...

Nov 22, 2008

When it happens?  Yes, it can happen and it will!  It's what you've been praying about, isn't it?

When it happens, what are you going to do?  As one actor in a commercial for travelers' checks once expressed it, "What will you do?"

You've prayed, you've done (or attended) rituals and other gatherings, and done...

Nov 15, 2008

Here are the ten most popular ways to destroy your own spiritual life!

With the coming and going of Samhain, we have the end of one year and the beginning of another year.  And this is a most appropriate time to reflect for a bit on some of the most basic of basics.

Everyone from the Pope and the Dahlai Lama down to...

Nov 8, 2008

Spiritually, just possibly the most powerful of all Sabbats has just made its yearly visit to us here in the Northern Hemisphere.  So, what now?

The answer can be found in a term often used by athletes and their coaches: follow-through.  In baseball, it's what you do with the bat after it encounters the ball.  In...