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Jan 31, 2009

And so, we have Imbolc!

This is probably the most obscure of the Sabbats, especially for those of us who have spent our lives in temperate climates.  But it is well known to Norse, Celts and others who live in the northern lands.  On the news a few days ago, it was mentioned that the folks at Barrow, Alaska got to see...

Jan 24, 2009

A thought occurred to me during a recent ritual.  One of my favorite magickal tools does not get as much discussion as it might deserve.  I'm talking about music in your own rituals.  I'm not really talking about anything involving a group.  What I'm looking at more is the kind of ritual like I do when it's me and The...

Jan 17, 2009

Now, we begin to walk forward.

In the last few months, if there has been any kind of recurring theme in my podcasts it would be that of putting any obstacles out of the way. 

So then, you ask, what now?

Now, you begin to move forward toward your spiritual goal.  It's your turn now.

There are stories about others,...

Jan 10, 2009

Last week, I spoke of the Principles Of Wiccan Belief.  There are 13 principles in that 1974 statement, and each one could command its own episode on a podcast like this - or even more.

But Number Eleven stands out in my sight, because it deals with a principle so basic.  Yet it is a principle which is so...

Jan 3, 2009

This episode might get me in trouble with some folks.  But that might not be so bad, because a number at least equal to them will be glad that I measured my tent and they see that it is large enough to include them with no big issues.

In 1974, the American Council of Witches adopted a set of 13 points which they...