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Answers to questions you may have been afraid to ask!

An opportunity to explore the spiritual in a manner that all may come together and share.


Apr 25, 2009

Pathworking is something I enjoy tremendously.  In fact, I enjoyed pathworking for longer than I've been a Wiccan.  I say that because of some other spiritual exercises which amount to pretty much exactly the same thing, but they are conducted in the context of other paths.  More than one, but there was one I came to...

Apr 18, 2009

Unity?  Unity?

There probably are fewer words which have a definition more slippery than "Unity".  Especially where religion and spiritual matters are concerned, "unity" is one of those words batted around in some circles almost like patriotic words on a holiday that is patriotic in origin.  The problem is,...

Apr 11, 2009

Last week, we celebrated this podcast's third anniversary.  This week, we look forward to see where it's going.

This is something that we all need to do from time to time:  look back to where we've been, and look forward to where we're heading.  There are a number of reasons for this, one of which is to insure that we...

Apr 4, 2009

Yes, it has been three years that this podcast has been coming to you, and there are 159 episodes (including this one) to prove it!  It was in April of 2006 when the first one came out.  As I recall, it was my oft-repeated question as to why we can't get along.

Much has happened since then.  The first that comes to...