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May 30, 2009

Just like what happened last time, once more we're looking at something that some folks will consider to be a trite platitude.  And once again, we cna discover that there is actually something important and exciting within it.

The saying this time?  "Take time to smell the roses."

There are those people who will hear...

May 23, 2009

We all have our teachers.  And some of our teachers are great teachers.  I can name quite a number of teachers I've had, some I've mentioned to you and some have names you'd recognize if I dropped the name. 

But there are other teachers, too.  And some of them turn out to be great teachers, even if it doesn't seem like...

May 16, 2009

We spoke about The Witches' Pyramid last time.  This time, we're talking about how to get the most if its (and your) power.

So often, new students ask questions that begin with "What's a good spell to do...?", or "how would you use magick to...?" and so one of the first things I usually do with those who learn from me...

May 9, 2009

Perhaps the biggest misconception about The Witches' Pyramid is that it is exclusive to Witches.  Not at all!  In fact, the principle is basic to almost any spiritual path in which The Divine has an active role in people's lives. 

And, in fact, it is the corruption and perversion of The Witches Pyramid's principles...

May 2, 2009

Now, why would I pick a comparison like that - comparing Beltane to a Bar Mitzvah?

Perhaps because it's appropriate!  And perhaps because one gives perspective to the other!

At a Bar Mitzvah, the boy arrives at the synagogue with mom and dad.  But of all that goes on in that major rite of passage, the focus is on the...