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Jul 25, 2009

I was working on something different for this show, an episode in which we might look at decoding Dan Brown and his writings.  But on Tuesday, July 21st, One of my very best friends wrote a new chapter into my life, and opened my eyes to see far more than I intended to ever see.

For all that I'd been through, this was...

Jul 18, 2009

I offered the story of Dave Carrol last week in some comments about the news, and since then I've seen even more of the story.

And I could not help but think of the stories such as the one about David and Goliath.  I slept through ever-so-many tellings of that story in Sunday School!  The story wasn't so bad, but...

Jul 11, 2009

And here, I offer a salute to some of the dearest friends I've ever had.   I'm talking about my four-footed friends.  And yes, there are those who do not have four feet who would fit in this category, but my experience has been with the ones who do in fact have four feet.

Give them broad enough horizons, and I am not...

Jul 4, 2009

Perhaps the most under-rated and under-appreciated of spiritual practices is the mantra.

The matter gets complicated by the number of people who think they don't use mantras when they actually are, and the number of other folks who think that they are using a mantra when they actually are not!

The mantra is probably...