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Aug 29, 2009

Almost every episode has touched on this issue, but this time we're dealing with it by looking it in the eye.

Some of you wonder how spiritual things happen, even if they happen for you every minute of the day.  And some of you simply wonder if they can actually happen.

Some of us have known the frustration of Sunday...

Aug 22, 2009

Whether you are talking about ritual, prayer, meditation, or whatever else you might be doing spiritually, they can all go under the general term of "workings".  That will cover everything from a Wiccan Sabbat to the Pope saying Mass to a Jewish Sabbath to a meeting in a Quaker meetinghouse.

And what is the most...

Aug 15, 2009

You've heard me say it ever-so-many times before: the apology is the only commodity cheaper than a politician's promise during an election campaign.

Michael Vick was recently released from prison after serving his sentence.  He's made statements about how remorseful he is about hurting and killing those dogs he forced...

Aug 8, 2009

Sometimes, the most important lesson from a Sabbat is learned by looking back towards it.  And we're doing just that.  Lammas was last week.

I've said before that there is an element of each Sabbat in every other Sabbat, and that no Sabbat is "over" until the Wheel Of The Year has turned all of the way to the next...

Aug 1, 2009

Dan Brown has transformed another one of his books into a major Hollywood movie.  And I cannot help but wonder if there is going to be the same sort of stir created by "Angels and Demons" as was created by "The DaVinci Code."

First off, one thing needs to be understood: in both cases, he appears to have had the intent...