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An opportunity to explore the spiritual in a manner that all may come together and share.


Mar 26, 2011

Before I say anything else, there is something I need to point out and have understood.  If a meteorologist says that a storm is coming, he or she is not advocating storms.  It is merely the fact that from what he or she has studied, indications are that folks should expect a storm.  Also, please note the revolutions...

Mar 19, 2011

Ostara is the 21st, so this is the time to celebrate it here!

I keep talking about fulfillment, and Ostara is the embodiment of fulfillment.  In terms of the Jewish traditionj, it could be said that the baby born at Yule had a Briss at Ostara and now is having his Bar Mitzvah!  Winter's hold is broken, and the world is...

Mar 12, 2011

In the last few, we looked at the corners which gave you (1) Personal Responsibility (2) Authority and (3) Access.  This time, let's look at what brings your power to bear as you intend it to.

Having a focus on what we share rather than on what divides us is but one kind of focus we need, but it can be said that it...

Mar 5, 2011

This is the third of the four corners of a spiritual revolution.  And it is one of the more exciting.

There are two points to this third corner, one being that The Divine is approachable, and the other is the basic fact that The Divine does indeed care about you.  And I feel the need to sum them in a sentence which says...