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An opportunity to explore the spiritual in a manner that all may come together and share.


Jun 25, 2011

Of all of the movies I have seen, "The Rite" is perhaps the most special.  Anthony Hopkins plays a key role in getting across a lesson we all need repeating.  And if we can learn and be entertained at the same time, why not?

The subject, if you insist on there being one, is exorcism.  But, do not think of it in terms of...

Jun 18, 2011

And once again, we share a celebration with "Mass For The Shut-Out" - and well we should.

Did you ever notice that on the Wheel Of The Year, Litha is the Sabbat directly opposite Yule?  In fact, as we in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate Litha, they are having Yule in the Southern Hemisphere.  And that fact has some...

Jun 10, 2011

Accidental magick - ever hear of it?  Ever encountered it?  Perhaps you have, and wondered about it.  And, I suppose that's what you call it when it happens.

You know those basic four principles: to dare, to know, to will, to keep silent.  They happen everywhere, not just at your altar.  And that means that they can be...

Jun 4, 2011

There are some issues which can be dismissed as "other people's issues", which don't bother you.  This is not one of those issues.  If it does not affect you now, it has in the past, or it will affect you in the future.  Or, it may be a past, present and future issue all together!  There was a time when a person could...