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Feb 22, 2014

No, I don't believe. It could be said that I don't believe in any god, goddess, angel, saint, or other deity or near-deity. I began with belief, but it grew beyond that into something much more.

And that's the point and the beginning of the reason for its importance. Many young children believe in such characters as...

Feb 15, 2014

Tempest Smith Day is February 20th. She died on that day in 2001. She was twelve years old. She died because of the incessant bullying she was subjected to in school. Part of the pretext for the bullying was that she had come to embrace Wicca.

At least one church has declared her a martyr, and a patron of victims of...

Feb 8, 2014

Writing this episode was a lot of fun. Not because I got to confront a popular version of short-sightedness, but because I had the opportunity to explore how we are ALL short-sighted.

While almost all will agree that The Divine (by whatever name or names) is infinite, there are those who try to put a border on infinity....

Feb 1, 2014

We are celebrating Imbolc here in the Northern Hemisphere, and for many of us, it can't come too soon! Winter has been especially harsh for many of us. And I ceased to be eager to see snow since I came to the age when it was my responsibility to shovel it. Even more so now, when I've retired and people remind me to...