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Apr 17, 2010

Most Wiccans know what is meant by "bridge crossing".  And this time of the year I think about a number of people who have crossed that bridge which we all will cross one day.

Between April 1st and July 1st, there are so many anniversaries of deaths of people I love.  And, of course, the list grows as you grow older.  At age 9, there was a grandpa who influenced the course of my day-job career.  At age 10, my mother who gave me clues where to look when I was older and in need of answers which I could not find elsewhere.  Later, my dad and then my stepmom.  And so many others that I don't dare try to list them for fear I'd miss someone. 

The people who have crossed over have one thing in common with people we love who live far away.  We can't help but wonder how they are, what they are doing, do they know what's happening here, all of those questions.  It's only natural to want to know.  The difference is that my son can send me an email, but I can't send my dad an email.  I'm only a plane ticket away for my daughter, but I can't visit my mother.

There are some clues which we are welcome to explore, and a fair amount of common sense and an exploration of lore might give us some assurance and comfort, especially those of us who have experienced the spiritual blackmail of people with agendas.

And there's a lesson we can learn.  It might sound like something we heard elsewhere, but it's a powerful lesson nevertheless.  And it just might be the one thing that the people on the other side of the bridge would like us to know.

Blessed Be!