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Aug 18, 2012

What will you do when it happens?  It could, you know.  It can happen to me, to you, or to anyone who actively pursues something spiritual or religious.  Think about it!  All that time spent in prayer and meditation, and doing rituals of one kind or another, and we call it "communion with The Divine", or "communicating with The Divine", and do you notice that both times, the key word begins with "co-"?  So, for all that you are saying and sending, what do you do when you start receiving?

Some of the most wonderful tales of saints, Christian or otherwise (Ananda was a follower of the Buddha), we hear about the innocent, often young, and in an atmosphere where such things are at least tolerated.  If someone came forward like that today, would someone listen, or would someone recommend them to a doctor?

And so, how to receive, what to do with it, and how to apply it.  None of us knows when the next time will be, or in what context!

Blessed Be!