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Aug 20, 2011

Last week, we talked about what we do not want, and this week we're going to look at something which we absolutely do indeed want.  Getting into the spiritual, the first thing just about everyone wants is to be able to open some important doors.  And the one who has advanced considerably will still be seeking how to open doors.  Doors beyond the initial set of doors, to be sure, but opening doors nevertheless.

First off, we need to know what we mean so that we know what to expect.  And then, we need to proceed and let it happen.  And here, there are some kewords which can hold some clues for you.

Remember, this is not spirituality of the so-called "clockmaker theory" in which someone set things into motion and then stepped back to watch (and keep score on you and me). And this is also not about the mood-swinging deity of the people who keep talking about something called "God's will".  No, we are talking about The Divine who cares, regardless of the name or names you or I use to refer to The Divine.  And we're talking about The Divine who not only cares about us, but actually does things.

And here is where you can start opening doors.  Look at those who have and what was said about them.  But, look at what was actually true about them.  And learn.

Blessed Be!