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Aug 29, 2015

Three young American men became heroes when they stopped an alleged terrorist attack.  They were three young men vacationing together on a train from Amsterdam to Paris.  They were ordinary people who became heroes by doing extraordinary things.

There are all kinds of heroes, living and otherwise.  There are astronauts, aviators, war heroes, inventors, people who demonstrated what an invention could do, and people who stepped up to other challenges, including Rosa Parks who sat in the front of a bus and refused to give up her seat.  Charles Lindbergh and Rosa Parks each saw a challenge and faced the challenge.  Flying across an ocean and sitting where you choose on a bus are things which happen daily now, but only because they faced the challenge and succeeded.

We need to know who our heroes are.  Each of us needs to define who our heroes are, and look for heroes.  Life can be dull and directionless without heroes we can emulate. 

Blessed Be!