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Aug 4, 2012

Speaking about what is said about various religious groups, take a look at what is said and written about the Templars!  Their mission was to protect pilgrims during the dangerous leg of their journey between the port and Jerusalem.  They did their job well, and they also were successful in gaining what some folks thought was a lot of wealth.  And that was their demise, especialy when a French king who needed money got the Pope to go along with him and have the Templars suppressed.  And what followed has made many rich writing books and movies of speculation and made others broke by following such speculations.

Enough of that, let's look at the real lesson of the Templars and what you and I and all the other folks can do to apply what they did in what we do.  And yes, it's for us, too - and all others with a spiritual journey.  Come and see what I mean! 

Blessed Be!