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Dec 1, 2012

If you've seen any of the news about what has been happening in the holiday shopping season in the US, you might be as bewildered as I am as to what is happening.

In the United States, the fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving Day, and the day after it is sometimes called "Black Friday" because that is when so many retail businesses show their first profit all year.  It is indeed a great day for shopping because so many are off from work or school.  In college, that was the one time that I was able to have the time as well as the selection and prices unavailable in a college town.  But what has become of it? 

You can see on YouTube and elsewhere scenes of fist fights as well as SWAT team deployments in response to unruly crowds.  And there is at least one known death from a security guard putting a choke-hold on a would-be shoplifter.

And I do believe that there might be an answer.  Let's look for one!

Blessed Be!