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Dec 10, 2011

Going to Before The Beginning and moving forward has been a learning experience, and this time is no exception to that!  This time, let's go to Before The Beginning and see how it relates to what we do, especially spiritually and magickally.  We've related Before The Beginning to oru spiritual strengths and abilities.  We've related it to the rest of the world and the universe as a whole.  And so, the next step is to relate it to what we do.

What do we do?  Well, anyone who has any kind of spiritual life can generally be counted upon to do (or want to do certain things.  We trust someone among The Divine to be there for us.  We speak to The Divine.  We listen to The Divine, listen for The Divine, and watch for The Divine.  And, we use our relationship with The Divine as a way to make things happen.

And, regardless of the number or name or names of your deities, if you build a good foundation for your spiritual life, you'll find yourself doing that and more.

And what we discuss here is a way to defeat or bypass the nastiest obstacles we might encounter.

Remember, Before The Beginning was a real beginning.  And if we know the essence of that beginning, we discover a secret which has been patiently waiting for us to realize that it's there.  And with that, we can open doors we thought were shut.  And eventually, we open doors which we didn't even know were there!

And all of that, waiting for us!

Blessed Be!