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Dec 11, 2010

You've heard me talk about various obstructions, obstructors, distractions, distractors, and other interruptions on your spiritual path which can get your journey derailed or diverted into a wrong direction.  But, there is one thing even more important to know about and to know what to do about.

Simply put, when The Divine does something wonderful for you, it is a good idea to be able to recognize it when it happens.  And, depending on your experience, it might be more difficult than it sounds.  And you can't give thanks for some thing when you don't know that it has been given to you.  And you're not able to give the right kind of thanks unless you have some idea of what you've been given.

Take, for instance, the 8-year-old boy on Christmas morning who puts off opening the gift from Aunt Sally because he's certain it's going to be a shirt, just like every Christmas and birthday that he can remember.  Then again, there's the boy who wanted a dog so badly and he spent so much of his time playing with neighbors' dogs that their owners started acting jealous - and then he suddenly was given a puppy of his own, one who became his friend and companion into adulthood.  See the difference?  And it's even more so when you're talking about the spiritual.  (Imagine if he never noticed that Aunt Sally always put a twenty-dollar bill in the pocket of each shirt?)  Now you're getting it! 

And there are ways to help this happen.  And two things can be accomplished that way.  One is that you'll give yourself a spiritual exercise that will help recognize when you've been blessed.  The other is that it fortifies your relationship with The Divine. 

And that's not all - believe me!

Blessed Be!