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Dec 18, 2010

And here is our Yule celebration, our virtual gathering of all of our audience and friends into our virtual chapel for a celebration together!

And it's as full and real as you will let it be!  We speak of magick, don't we?  So, why not!

A promise was made at Samhain, and this is the first celebration of the promise's fulfillment.  In the ancient times, when there were no computers or radios, and few other distractions, people noticed nature because they depended upon it.  And they noticed that on a certain day, the sun would stop going away and would begin to return.  And that's Yule (in the Northern Hemisphere).

The basic tradition is almost universal.  Many paths include the birth of a divine child in this celebration, and the child is destined to do much for us.  But above all else, it is fulfillment.  And those of us who have in the past been forced to deal with such concepts as the so-called "God's will" can celebrate the real will of The Divine - which is our well-being and happiness!

A promise was made, and it is fulfilled.  There are steps along the way which will lead to the fullness of the fulfillment, but this is the first step.  And this first step in the fulfillment of the promise is what we're celebrating!


And we celebrate!

Blessed Be!

Aidan Odinson
thirteen and a half years ago

You are most welcome, and what you state is one of the reasons I do on-line rituals from time to time, both here and on "Uriel's Gifts". The problem with so many of the so-called "mainstream" paths is that so many of them - including/especially some of their clergy - have lost contact with what is at the heart of it all.

thirteen and a half years ago

As a closeted solitary, I haven't had opportunity to attend formal rituals. Your podcast helped me feel like I was finally able to attend a ritual with other Pagans. Thank you.

(Also, I was raised Catholic, and couldn't help but smile at how familiar some of the liturgy was--the rites I wrote for my BoS are as far removed from the Mass as possible. I hadn't realized how meaningful the words can be in a different context, since Catholicism didn't do anything for me growing up.)