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Dec 22, 2012

It's becoming more and more common to celebrate mroe than one holiday at the same time.  And why not?  In our modern times, we meet and get to appreciate people we would have barely even heard of a generation ago!  Different people have differnt spiritual paths, and the paths have different celebrations, although often at the same time as each other.  I recall hearing of a couple who had a Christmas tree topped with a Star of David.  It is not uncommon for a family to have both a Christmas tree and a menorah.  And that is to say nothing of the other possible combinations of paths.  Thanks to Lady Stormy, our god-daughter has celebrated yule plus Christmas, and Ostara plus Easter sine she was a young child.

As we know people, there can be closer friendship and even permanent commitments.  We need to learn to honor more than one way.  Some of us might find a need to do so even without someone coming into our lives.  So, how can it be made to happen?

A couple of basic principles, and you can be all set.  And, it can be a most rewarding exploration!

Blessed Be!