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Dec 27, 2019

Christmas and New Year's Day are two holidays only a few days apart. In fact, in some traditions, Christmas is celebrated over a long enough period that New Year's Day is actually within the twelve days of Christmas. And Christmas and New Year's Day share thoughts of wishing and resolution. Even if you're mature enough not to believe in Santa Claus, there are many other wishes, such as wishing something for another person, wishing to revive a cherished memory, or wishing for something to happen. And, at New Year's, there are resolutions when we wish something for ourselves. A resolutions can be the beginning of something great, or it can become a joke. How many people resolve to quit smoking or lose weight?


Whether we're dealing with a wish or a resolution, there are ways to help it happen, and there are ways to make it actually successful. Some thing are best left alone, while other desires will need to be expressed in a way to allow it to not only succeed, but stay successful. And, of course, you still need to do your part. And, you want it to be a blessing and remain a blessing.


Blessed Be!