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Dec 19, 2009

Yule is a celebration.  And, in a number of traditions, Yule is the celebration of the birth of a divine child.  Your Sunday school teacher might not have told you this, but Jesus is not the only divine being who has a birthday celebrated at about this time of year!

It beings in humanity's earliest beginnings.  Picture a cave dweller peering out of a cave and trying to comprehend the world.  And then, this cave dweller notices that the weather gets terribly cold.  But then, eventually warmth returns.  And then finally, when technology evolves to the point of marking shadows of a stick and measuring how high or low the sun is in the sky, someone notices a pattern.  And the pattern reveals when the sun begins its return journey toward summer when the world will be warm again.  And so, there is a celebration of the fact that the sun is no longer going away - and it is coming back!  And the Yule story takes on as many sets of details as there are cultures to tell the story.

The birth is the fulfillment of a promise made at Samhain.  And, if some people don't quite get what I've been saying all along, they won't get what I mean that the birth which takes place at Yule is the gift of Samhain.  And what is it that a seed has to do in order for there to be a flower?

And for us, we can begin birthing that inner vision which we began at Samhain.  And here we come to the impact of "Celebrating The Useless And Priceless".  There is little more useless than a newborn child per se.  But at the same time there is nothing more priceless than a newborn child because of the potential of what can be!

And therein is the real gift!

Blessed Be!