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Jun 17, 2006

Much is said about cults.  But what is a cult?  What makes a cult different from any other group of people who come together for a reason, especially a religious reason?

There are many definitions of cults.  According to some, a cult is any religious group that does not agree with the person speaking.  And, there might even be some who will want to claim that you are enmeshed in a cult.  After all, you're listening to this podcast, right?  A cult does not have to be a group of robed fanatics chanting at an airport or shopping mall.  It might appear on the surface to be very mainstream. 

But what is a real definition of a cult?  We'll take an evaluation frame authored by someone whose name might be familiar to most, and we'll see. 

More than that, let's take a look at a more important question: how to tell if a particular group might fit the definition of the word "cult", especially one that is actually dangerous.