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Jul 2, 2006

Once upon a time, when Aidan was a Christian, a college sophomore and wanna-be philosopher referred to him as a "zombie-worshipper" because his pantheon included someone who was dead for a period of time and returned to life.

Then, there is the story in which Jesus ascended into a cloud in a scene which, in modern terms, would be reminiscent of "Beam me up, Scotty!"

Christians are not alone in this.  Look at the number of doors in Valhalla and the number of warriors who will go out of each door when the call comes to fight the battle known as Ragnarok!  Interesting how that number relates to Armageddon.

If we stay at the level of the literal words in the stories, we will be left to wonder at the fantasy.  Baldur was killed, and he was cremated, so how will he return after Ragnarok if his body was turned to ashes?

Or is there something more?  And if there is something more, can we see what we're being told at a much higher level, and perhaps unlock the secrets hiding within those words we've seen so often?

Is this a way to unlock some secrets which have been hidden in plain sight?