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Jul 8, 2006

You have one magickal tool that is more powerful than all of the rest combined!  I can say that without even knowing who you are.

Everyone on any kind of spiritual path has magical tools, whether or not they want to admit it.  And those who admit it usually have a few - or quite a few. 

But there is one tool which you have which is more powerful than all of the other tools combined, to the point that if you had no other tools, it would not really matter.  But without it, none of your other tools matter.  And that's why some people try to mess with it, to keep you from using it to its full potential.

But some people let their most powerful tool get messed with by not focusing it, by aiming it at targets that are unimportant - or might not even actually be there anymore!  And then there are those who shoot it off in most any direction, like a cowboy in an old low-budget Western movie shooting his six-shooters into the air.

Regardless of the spiritual path you are on, regardless of the names you use in addressing deity, This one magical tool makes all the difference.

And here are some observations on insuring that it is able to be its most effective.