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Jul 15, 2006

Now and then, even the most advanced find it good to review the basics.

Rituals are a part of our lives, even the mundane lives.  From office staff meetings to children going to bed in the evening to family holiday dinners such as Thanksgiving in the US, there are mundane rituals.  And where our spiritual paths are concerned, even more so.

Each ritual can be seen as consisting of a certain set of parts, each of which has its importance in the effectiveness of the ritual.  Certain specified components might be in one part of one kind of ritual and in a different part in another type of ritual, but the parts are there, and each component will fit well into one of them.

The six parts of a ritual are there for a reason, and they're pretty much unavoidable.

Let's look at them, and see how they fit together.  And from there, we can move on to making stuff happen.