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Jul 29, 2006

If you have any kind of a spiritual life, you will encounter obstructors.  Beginning with the obstructors which attack from within and going to those who obstruct from without, there are plenty of obstructors to go around.  To make matters worse, the more spiritual you are, the more obstinate some of those obstructors might become.

Obstructors have been mentioned before, but this time we deal with them head-on, so that you might have a chance to recognize them when you see them.  If you haven't met some of those mentioned in this episode, then you must have led an extremely sheltered life to this point.

And yes, you have to recognize them to deal with them.  And you have to deal with them to put them in their proper place, which is behind you and out of your way.

And how do you put them in their proper place, behind you and out of your way?  The answer is something that we've discussed before, but this time we'll see it in this specific context.  Yet another secret that is hiding in plain sight.