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Dec 2, 2006

So many times, I've heard the same complaint about Pagan and Wiccan books: so many primers, not enough of the "advanced stuff".

Then again, what is the "advanced stuff"?  And what is in something that is advanced which would not be found in a primer?

Or is the difference simply the subject matter being dealt with and the nature of the magick being done?  If so, then is there something common to all spiritual paths which is begging to be noticed?

Perhaps even more important: Is there something which sometimes is neglected and which might deserve more attention?

Then could it be that building an effective ritual is both basic and advanced at the same time?  Could this be one of the secrets which makes some rituals crackle with energy while others are mere exercises in motion?

A look, and perhaps this won't be directly addressed again for a while.  But it is also unavoidable.