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Dec 16, 2006

If you are in need and someone says that they'll pray for you, how do you feel?  In some cases, you feel strengthened.  In other cases, it can be a let-down.  Consider the following words written by someone a few years ago:

"For I was hungry and you said you'd pray for me.  I would have rather had a sandwich.

For I was ill and you said you'd pray for me.  I would have rather been able to afford some medicine.

For I was in prison and you said you'd pray for me.  I would have rather that you testified in my defense."

See the point?  But what of the opposite, practical action without the spiritual?  If you have two hands to do a job with, are you going to want one of those hands tied behind your back?

And what are most of us taught about prayer?  Is it to some god way up in the sky, in hopes that he'll pick up his heavenly voicemail?  And what have we learned from those who have no business teaching?  So much spiritual garbage to get in the way!  Some people seem to actually want to out-Pharisee the Pharisees of biblical times. 

Is it any wonder that so many of us have had to leave one path to find what we need?  And what we have left is a bunch of people squabbling over who gets which scraps that fall from a banquet table - when each of us is entitled to a seat at that table!

So, how do we get to that seat and actually enjoy the banquet - that of genuine communion with the Divine?