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Mar 25, 2007

There is one situation in which your magick is going to be at its most powerful.  It is also where you gather strength for all of the other magick that you might ever do.

It is also the situation in which you do some of your greatest learning.  As with any field of endeavor which requires developed skills, there is a time when you need to put the book down, walk away from the video, and actually do it.

We're talking about your private rituals.

Even in the best of covens, groups, churches, kindreds or families, you're most likely to encounter more advice and help that you actually need.  And in the larger, more organized churches, there is always the "self-appointed Pope" (even in denominations that don't have a Pope) who makes it their ministry to mind everyone's business but their own.  In your private rituals, they're not there.  What you do is between yourself and your deities.  That's because it's private.

This is where you learn.  This is where you can try things.

This is also where you can substitute.  If all you have for a robe is a blanket, if all you have for a chalice is a styrofoam cup, so what?  You have what you need for this.

There are limits, but the limits are broad, well-known, and the ones you should respect anyway.

And it strengthens all other aspects of your priesthood and ministry!


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