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Aug 26, 2006

We've all heard of miracles, especially religious miracles. 

Some of us have experienced them, others of us want to experience some, and still others wish that they could. 

We've heard of those who have visions, those who are told things, and those who are healed when even the most expensive doctors have given up.  How does this happen?  More importantly, what can someone do to see one, and benefit from it?

There are some who claim to offer formulas that usually consist of prescribed prayers and other things to do, almost as if it were a recipe on the box of some sort of spiritual bisquit flour.  Then again, some of those folks are the same ones who speak of "faith" almost as if it were a measurable commodity that might be obtained at some sort of spiritual supermarket. 

But how does it really happen?  Is it like some of the movies and the Sunday school filmstrips?  Or something else?

And, theres an even more important question.  When it does happen, how do we recognize it and make use of it?

That's a secret that is waiting for all of us to find!