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Feb 4, 2012

Imbolc in some places is a Sabbat greeted with a feeling of relief.  We've had winter with us for a while, the brightness and merriness of Yule is in the past, and what's been left to many of us is simply cold and perhaps a bunch of snow, too!  At Imbolc, we celebrate the first stirrings of spring, with the first shoots of the heartier crops pushing their heads through the snow to be seen!

We were made a promise at Samhain when we celebrated the life of the old year.  That promise was re-stated at Yule, as the sun began its return to us.  And Imbolc gives us the first tangible evidence that it is actually happening.  We have the first actual evidence that spring is actually going to be!

Other paths, including the Christian, have flattered us by adopting our Sabbats, and this one is no exception.  However, you sometimes might feel forced to dig deep if you want to learn about more than "Ground Hog Day".  But that's OK, there is something very significant - and it gives an extra perspective to help us see the full importance of what Imbolc means!

And so, let's celebrate!

Blessed Be!