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Feb 25, 2012

Dealing with the anniversary of Tempest Smith's death and what I did to honor her brought out a lot of emotions in me.  And, from the feedback I got, it brought out a bunch of emotions in some of you, too.  In a case of "there but for The Divine go I", it happens. 

Part of the problem is the natural consequence of such a situation: the desire to do something about it.  And, I am in a position to do some things, including magickally.  Some of the people I thought about are people who I know where they are to this day.  Others, I looked up and some of them I found.  Was I going to make some sort of a pronouncement, or simply do something at my altar and let them wonder where it came from?  There were all kinds of options, and I hadn't told anyone of my options or my intentions.

But then, the question: what is it that I really want to do?  

Everyone has been angered by someone, and sometimes what other people do causes a lot of hurt.  And if I were going to do something, it should accomplish something, right?  And most of us can name someone like this, and some of us can name a few people!

And so, we come to the practical application of spirituyality and magick.  And it's time to look at what to do in such a situation.

And, let's see!

Blessed Be!