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Jan 1, 2011

This is the 250th podcast, and the first episode in 2011, so it seems that primers might be a perfect subject to begin a new year with.  There are some people who complain that all they find in bookstores are primers.  Well, the more advanced are there, but there is a major need for primers.  In fact, some of us wish that there were more.  After all, every one of us began as a beginner.  That holds true even for published authors on the subject.  And to complicate matters, the "one size fits all" approach doesn't even work at the primer-level, so there's not only a need for primers, but there's a need for a variety of primers from more than one point of view.

And, even the most advanced have a need for primers.  Sometimes, it's necessary to get back to basics, and it's good to have a reminder of what the basics are.  Primers are also a good way to explore other paths and other perspectives to see what they have to offer.

I'm going to particularly explore four authors of primers whose work I especially like.  There are more, and I will mention a couple of them too.  But there are four which I feel will be authors on any Wiccan's bookshelf.  Each has something special to offer.  Much can be said about each of them.  One, I've met.  Another is a Facebook friend.  Another is someone I have not had any chance to meet.  The fourth passed away some years ago.  But each has something special to offer.

If we are blessed with an abundance of primers, then at least we know that we have a good excuse to build on some very solid foundations.

Blessed Be!