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Jul 20, 2012

I'm sure that there were people who saw Joe on the streets and thought that he was someone they wanted nothing to do with.  Well, they don't have to worry about that anymore.  But there was a time when some of those same people were glad to know him.  He grew up in one of the better families in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, where his father's business gave them a good living.  And he was a star in college, both academically and in athletics.  But then he joined the army and was sent to Vietnam, 12 months of fighting.  And when he finished his tour, he wanted the same thing as the rest of us who were taking off their uniforms - to return to life as he had known it.  But, he wasn't allowed that.  People who had been his friends shunned him, his wife left him, and more.  Finally, he quit trying and lived on the streets. Lady Stormy and I, plus a few others, tried to get him to find opportunities that would get him back into society, but there was always one stumbling block, especially after time had passed.  And none of his family, even now, will do anything for him.

And it occurs to me that he might not be the only one like that, and some of you might have known someone like that.

Blessed Be!