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Jan 16, 2020

No subject creates more assumptions, presumptions, pronouncements, and avoidance reactions than death. When someone dies, there is usually a funeral which will have any of several possible functions, ranging from mourning someone's death to celebrating someone's life. But when it's your funeral, you might not be there, and we need to focus on what you will encounter.

The literature and scriptures of most spiritual paths usually describe three possible fates. There is a special place of reward for the elite whether they are warriors, saints, or other exemplary people. There is also a special place where the most evil of people suffer eternal punishment, usually for offenses against their deity. In between there is the larger place where most of us will probably find ourselves.

Wiccans commonly call this “The Rainbow Bridge”, which is an apt description. We do have some descriptions of near-death experiences, but daily life across the bridge is mostly speculation. But it appears we know enough about it to take some comfort.

Blessed Be!