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Jan 22, 2011

A fair question, not answered as well as it should be as often as it deserves, and one that you might have about some of the stuff that gets presented here and elsewhere concerning the spiritual.  And it's a question you probably have asked and might be asking right now.

What can you actually do with it?

A lot of information is presented to you here and in other places, what use will it be in your daily life?  Some might be readily apparent.  Others might not be so evident - right now.  They might later, but how will you know?  Or, are you going to be one of those who tries to blindly take what's offered and follow.  Or will you try it and see?  Or, are you going to put what you're given onto some sort of spiritual shelf until it becomes apparent that you need it?  Or will you give it appropriate exercise so that it is ready when the time comes?

Let's never forget that you're building something here, and it's not only yours to build, it is yours when it's built.  Never forget that when you're dealing with a few too many offers of "help" in something that is supposed to be uniquely yours.  And I'll tell you about what you're building.

And there's more - much more.  You'll see!

Blessed Be!