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Jan 30, 2010

I definitely say our daily compass because of how badly I need to remind myself of this sometimes!

Like it or not, life is lived one day at a time.  The problem with that is that most of our real goals take more than a day to achieve.  And this leaves room for diversions, distractions and detours.

A colonel I once served under had a sign behind his desk which stated that when you are up to your posterior in snapping alligators, it is very difficult to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.  And that's the problem we are talking about here.

And those familiar with Martial Arts know the importance of understanding the flow of things, and making use of that.  And so, if time is in cycles, we can take advantage of that to remember what our objective is.

This is especially true of our spiritual lives.  The cycles of what we do spiritually can match the cycles which the world forces us into, and the result is that we can keep focus.

There are other tools too, which can help us focus. 

The criteria are simple:  That it works and that it fits.  Especially that it fits your life.  In my mroning devotions, I don't begin them when I wake up.  I begin them when I am dressed and ready to go out into the world.  My evening devotions reflect back on the day, and there's a weekly devotion that focuses on the week.

It fits and it works.  And you can find what fits and works for you!

Blessed Be!