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Jan 9, 2010

With a bit of effort on your part, your spiritual life can really sizzle!  And that is a good thing, because it certainly beats the alternative. 

We all know people whose spiritual life is flat, dull, and perhaps might even pass for unconscious or comatose.  Most of us have been there ourselves.  In fact, you can find many such people in churches!  But if you're here, it is probably because you're looking for a spiritual life that actually works. 

Having a spiritual life that sizzles is also the easiest way to claim something spiritual, feel like you're grasping it, and knowing that it's actually yours.

And it is here that we'll get into the basics of building the sizzle in yoru spiritual life.  Not only that, but also claiming it and knowing that it is yours.

You will learn from others, perhaps including me.  Others, perhaps including me, might offer input.  But we are talking about your spiritual life, and you are the one who needs to control it, master it, and nurture it!

And within that is the secret that is not so secret, of how to have a really great spiritual life.

Blessed Be!

PS:  Next week is our 200th episode!

Rev Debra Lippitt
almost fourteen years ago

Once again I applaude your efforts in teaching the world! This is a great podcast and just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you.

Lady Stormy