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Jun 10, 2011

Accidental magick - ever hear of it?  Ever encountered it?  Perhaps you have, and wondered about it.  And, I suppose that's what you call it when it happens.

You know those basic four principles: to dare, to know, to will, to keep silent.  They happen everywhere, not just at your altar.  And that means that they can be building something, perhaps even when you think that they are not.

Ever notice things happening, very much to your surprise?  You inner mind will dare even when you won't.  You know.  Your inner self might decide that your will is something that you want done.  And you'll keep silent because your conscious self might not know what your unconscious self is up to.  And the next thing you know, you hear about something happening.

Some people think that they can put on and take off their spirituality like they might do a hat. We see them among several religious denominations which emphasize one particular approach.  If they go to a church and the service commences at 11am on Sunday and ends an hour later, that is when they think that their spirituality begins and ends.  Not hardly.

And so, what do you do if there's a chance of some accidental energy creating a thoughtform which you did not intend to build?  There's some ideas and a keyword.

Blessed Be!