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Jun 18, 2011

And once again, we share a celebration with "Mass For The Shut-Out" - and well we should.

Did you ever notice that on the Wheel Of The Year, Litha is the Sabbat directly opposite Yule?  In fact, as we in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate Litha, they are having Yule in the Southern Hemisphere.  And that fact has some implications worth noticing.

A baby was born at Yule.  We've seen him go through all of the stages of growing and coming of age, and the last Sabbat was Beltaine, where we celebrated his wedding.  Here at Litha, we celebrate his fulfillment!  It is too soon to harvest, that will be soon enough.  But it is a good time to look at what the baby born at Yule has grown to become!

And here is Litha's gift to us, as expressed in a reading which came from a place which you might not have expected.  But the point of that reading was that someone was given something that they didn't put to use, and here at Litha we celebrate someone's fulfillment.  In other words, the baby born at Yule now has all he needs to carry out what he needs to do.

So much of theology deals with stories of people who were trying to get what was already theirs.  And some of us surprise ourselves when we discover how much we have.

And so let's celebrate this, and learn!

Blessed Be!