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Jun 4, 2011

There are some issues which can be dismissed as "other people's issues", which don't bother you.  This is not one of those issues.  If it does not affect you now, it has in the past, or it will affect you in the future.  Or, it may be a past, present and future issue all together!  There was a time when a person could live a long, full life with no concern for or about other spiritual paths.  I know, because I lived at the tail-end of that time.  Now, paths cross paths every day.

Once upon a time, it was also expected that everyone would find their significant other among those in their own spiritual paths.  Some churches even went to extremes to explain why a relationship with someone from "another faith" was wrong.  That is, for the most part, no longer the case.  In fact, religiously mixed marriages are fairly common.

And, of course, there is the situation in which someone finds a new path because of issues with the old path.  But not with the old path's deities, but with the other mortals on that path.  There might be some unfinished business there. 

And sometimes a person's main path is not offering all of the answers which that person needs.

And so, people find themselves drinking spiritual water from two spiritual wells.  There are many of us who do, and even more of us who don't admit it for any number of reasons.  

It's a question of doing it right so that you find what you need to find and maintain balance as well.

Blessed Be!