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Jun 8, 2012

Of all the challenges you can experience or imagine, there is one challenge that is the greatest challenge, at least in terms of what it presents to us.

I have come to realize that a religious dispute is like two siblings arguing over who has There are challenges, and there are challenges, but there is one facing us that appears to be the most major the better parents.

Not only that, but I have reasons why I say so, and I list them here and try to explain the basis of those reasons.  All in all, it seems pretty basic to me, but I've been pursuing this most of my adult life.

But then, there is also the question of how to apply it, and I find some answers to that.  Not all of the answers, of course, because we're talking about The Divine, and The Divine is infinite.

So, let's explore it - and see how much it offers us.

As a matter of fact, it has much to offer - more than we've ever imagined!  You'll see!

Blessed Be!