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Jun 20, 2009

Is greed the real evil?

You have no idea the work that went into figuring out a title for this episode.  In fact, when I was making the show, I was still calling it "Is Greed The Real Satan?" but then I had to fact the fact that for so many of us, there is no real satan or devil.  But, I believe we can all agree that there is real evil.

And here we come to an issue which I felt the need to address.  And, I felt the need to address it now.  There were certainly a number of other topics I could have chose, including/ especially Litha.  But this one subject stood out as if it were begging me to say something.

And, I can understand why.  This is a subject about which the preachers and teachers of certain notable other spiritual paths go spinning around in circles about.  They'll talk about evil and/or "the devil", sometimes to the point that I wonder whom it is that some of them are actually worshipping!  But for all of the wind expended from so many pulpits, there has been little actual effort to define it, or figure out what to do about it.  And it's apparent why this has come to be. 

Come follow me in this exploration.  You'll find it interesting.