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Jun 7, 2008

And what, would you imagine, is the most censored subject in contemporary society?  If television is any indication, the most censored subject is death.  Yes, death - even more so than sex.  And I think it fair to say that experience dealing with the current mundane world might demonstrate that fact.

Most folks readily acknowledge where babies come from, and that it's not from the stork or a cabbage patch.  But what about where old folks go? 

On TV, you'll see death being a part of war, western, and crime dramas, but then it's the "other people" that die.  In the family-oriented shows, most of the acknowledgment of death is when someone is dressed in black because they had just been to a funeral of someone who was never on the show.

In the movie "Braveheart," there is a profound quote: "Everyone dies, but not everyone lives."  That is true.  Nothing is more utterly unavoidable than death. 

And so, it might well behoove us to acknowledge it and get some understanding of it, from what genuine knowledge is available.  If you look, you will find some available.  Not a whole lot, but as much of a peek as we'd be able to handle. 

Blessed Be!