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Mar 13, 2010

There are some folks who firmly believe that they have never had a spiritual experience.  And some of those folks would indeed like to have one - or more.

Some are influenced by movies, and expect spiritual experience to be like that.  Others have heard stories about saints and others and wondered why they were left out.  I know of someone who claimed that she did everything one particular saint did, and nothing happened.  When she asked the one who was supposed to be teaching her such things, the answer was "You aren't good enough."  I might add "no kidding" to that, but enough of you have had similar experiences to know that I'm not kidding - it happens all too often.

And there are others who say that they have had few experiences which were not spitirual, at least in some way.  What's the difference?

The differences that you might notice on the surface might indeed be there, but they might also be indicators of the real differences which are deeper.  Does a person really have to be simple, for instance, or is it merely necessary to keep the intellect in its place and not let it affect the spiritual.  Another difference which is exactly as it appears is that these people did not let others try to control their spiritual experience. 

And so, how to bring it about?  That's what this episode is about.

Blessed Be!