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Mar 20, 2010

Ostara has much to offer us, and coming at the end of a winter like the one we had here only proves the point all the more.  Between Yule and now, we had three individual storms, each of which people claim dumped more snow on us than we get in the typical year.  In fact, Yule was impacted by one of those storms, and our Imbolc celebration was threatened by another.  And finally, Hecate (Lord Pan's widow, age 20 and "The Kitty Queen") gets to sit in her sun window again.

If you wanted a parallel in terms of a humal life, you might consider Yule to be the birth, Imbolc to be an occasion such as naming, christening, or Briss, and you could consider Ostara to parallel something like a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. 

Look at all of the lore from all of the different spiritual paths, and you'll see much in common in Ostara and in tales which have connection to Ostara in one way or another.  And if there is a kernel of truth at the heart of every legend and there are so many legends so similar in places which did not know of each other, then we've got more hear than the idea that Spring has arrived.

And what is the big lesson, and the big gift?  Might it be some idea of what we're supposed to do with this life?

Blessed Be!