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Mar 27, 2010

Psalm 100 in the Christians' Bible begins with words which should have a point to anyone regardless of their spiritual path:  "Make a joyful noise...."  Note that it says to make a joyful *NOISE*.  That's a point which even some Christians miss, and they claim it's part of their book!

I will grant that in the case of an organized gathering in which a part of the people are set aside especially for making vocal or instrumental music, they should know what they are doing.  That would apply to a Wiccan gathering as much as to Sunday morning at St Whoever's church at the corner of 5th and Wherever.  But we are not talking about that here.  What we are talking about is the rest of us - and all of us in our own devotions.

There's a saying that tells folks to "Dance as if nobody's watching, and sing as if nobody's listening."  That's the point!

And where do we find something to sing or chant?  And what to choose?  There are so many places! 

And what can it do?  Anything from being a secret mantra to being your "heavy atrillery" at your altar.  It can help you focus, it can help you transition, and it might even raise a spiritual army for you!

Every path has its songs and its chants.  And some of the most powerful are some of the most basic.  And nobody is going to worry if you can carry a tune.  But you might surprise yourself.  In fact, you might surprise yourself in how many ways you surprise yourself!

Blessed Be!